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The Kage has thousands of products that can be matched. It is possible to change the material and colour to suit the customer's needs.

The main applications for the products are in cars and petrol boat.
The materials used for the company's products are mainly aluminium and stainless steel. The prices of metal materials have been rising over the years. Especially with the war between Russia and Ukraine at the beginning of 2022. But Kage's products will never save money on raw materials.
Kage has an efficient way of working together with in the different teams. If customers have any technical queries, please contact our sales team. We will provide professional engineers. One-by-one solutions to your problems.
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Dongguan Yongsheng Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd,  located in Zhangmutou , Dongguan , Guangdong , 20minutes by train to Shenzhen, it was established in 2002, has experience of auto parts manufacturing around10 years, focused on refitting auto parts manufacturing, including aluminum fitting, stainless steel fittings, brake connectors, adaptors, throttle body, hex finishers, fuel tank, fuel filter, wrench, hose tools....
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As manufacturers specializing in engine peripheral components for over a decade, our primary goal has been enhancing vehicle performance, particularly tailored for racing requirements. Throughout t...


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Dear Core Customers,We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your continued support and trust in our products. We are thrilled to announce that our factory has completely restored its production capac...


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Because of the rapid increase in the number of people with the coronavirus in Dongguan, the local government has opted for a lockdown.The highest number of new cases in Guangdong Province is nearly...
Mainly for auto parts production


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